Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Hello! I don't know if you knew this but today is today Frozen comes out on DVD!
Kit and I both really like it! I don't know if you're seen it but we both have really like it!
If you haven't seen it you definitely should!!
Have you seen Frozen?
P.S. This Frozen pic is off thewallpaperzone.com!!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Babysitting Anna

 Hi Peeps!!! Last night after dinner, my parents went to a meeting so McKenna and I were left to care for Anna.
 Since it was about her normal bed time we thought that we should put her down for bed.
 "Do you want to go to bed?!?!?!" I asked it an odd voice.
"AAAAAAAAA" Anna screamed.
 "Let's sing to her, it may help." stated McKenna.
"Okay, let's try."
We sang.
 However Anna didn't like hearing Frozen songs. She started crying on the floor. Then,
 did a forward roll.
"Wow!" McKenna proclaimed, "Keep that up and you can be a gymnast like Kit and I!!"
"Do you think it would help if I read her a story?" I asked.
But that didn't work either. 
"Why is it so hard for Anna to even be tired?" I asked my sister.
"I'm not sure... Hey! Look at Anna!"
"I don't believe it! She is asleep!!" I stated, shocked.
 McKenna brought Anna to her room and put her in bed. 
Oh! Do you like McKenna's new outfit?   
Even though it took a little for Anna to go to bed, I enjoyed my time with my sisters!!

Have you ever babysat any of your siblings?