Our Favorites

Kit Brooks
Born in: Fort Collins, CO
My Favorite...
Color: Green
Hobby: Playing soccer and every other sport in existence
Desert: Anything that made of chocolate
Animal: piranha (he-he)
School subject: P.E.
Pastime: exercising
Food: Pizza
Drink: Root Beer 
Hairstyle: Who cares?
Game: Twister
Dream room: A place where I would have room to do every sport in the world

McKenna Brooks
Born in: Seattle, WA
My Favorite..
Color: Purple
Hobby: Gymnastics 
Desert: Brownies with peanut butter and ice cream 
Animal: Dog
School subject: Reading
Pastime: Gymnastics, reading, etc.  
Food: Re-fried Beans
Drink: Sprite mixed with Dr Pepper
Hairstyle: High Ponytail  
Game: Twister 
Dream room: A huge Gym all to myself

Victoria Brooks
Born in: Seattle, WA
My Favorite. . .
Color: Blue
Hobby: Painting 
Desert: Chocolate Pudding 
Animal: Cats
School subject: Reading, Writing, and Grammar 
Pastime: Horse back riding and painting 
Food: Chinese Food
Drink: Sprite
Hairstyle: A fishtail braid
Game: Apples to Apples
Dream Room: A room with canvas walls were I could paint to my heart's content.

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