Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

 Happy Thanksgiving! I was able to spend today with my amazing family. I hope that you all have a wonder thanksgiving!
How do you celebrate Thanksgiving? 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

To the Apple Orchard

Hi peeps! Recently we got to go to an apple orchard! 
Here is a picture of me leaning against a climbing wall. 
"I think that I can climb up this wall faster then you!" I said with a smile to McKenna. 
"Maybe you can but I don't feel like racing you right now." 
"Do I win immediately, then?" 
Just then McKenna ran towards the rock climbing wall and before I could start climbing, McKenna was at the top. 
"Nice job McKenna, you beat me." 
 "Look at these cool pumpkins!" said Victoria.
"Wow they're white! Cool. . ." I said in a weird voice. 
 They had gout's there that when you walked by they tried to stick there heads though the fence. I'm guessing they do this because they want food.
 "Nice job climbing that rope, Kit."
"Thanks you McKenna."
"Do you mean 'thank you'?" Victoria asked. 
"Nope. I mean thanks you."
 And here we have a nice picture of Victoria. Do you like her hair? I though that it would look better if if stood up straight in the air. 
Here's a picture of all three of us together on the hay ride. 
"Have you ever eaten hay with bark from trees before?" I asked sweetly.
"No, have you?" McKenna looking slightly concerned. 
"Only kidding you. I mean Kitting you." 
We saw some interesting things on our hay ride. 
 "Look at that tree!" 
 After a little ride, we got to where we could pick apples! Each of us could get two and right away I found a nice red apple.
And another. 
 And here's a another picture of Victoria that McKenna took. You can see the apple tree thingies behind her. 
On the way back we saw some evergreen trees! 
Have you gone to an Apple Orchard before? 

Monday, October 20, 2014

To the Zoo

Hello! Today I got to go to the Zoo with the Edwards! I very glad that they were so kind to let me go with them. (Thanks!)
The first animals that we saw were polar bears! They are so big!  
 The gray wolves looked really awesome. 
"How are they gray wolves?" Chrissa asked. "They looks more white."
"They do have some gray on them." commented Georgia. 
"Maybe it's a disguise!" I said.
 Here are some pictures that I took of the trees. I really like the one on the bottom left. 
 Here is a bald eagle! They look really cool! 
 Here is a sloth bear. They are a little smaller then normal bears, and they have more hair. 
 Look at this tiger! I like the picture in the bottom right corner. 
 Here are the flamingos. Their feathers are such a pretty shade of pink. 
 Here are the elephants. 
 Otters are so cute and playful! I had a quite hard time taking pictures of them. The one on the fall left I didn't take, Elizabeth took it. 
Just then my phone rang; it was Kit.
"Hi McKenna!" 
"Hi Kit!"
"What are you doing right now? Or looking at?" Kit asked.
 "We just pasted a hippo." 
"Are you going to ride him?"
"NO! No Kit I'm not going to. . .! Why would I?"
"I don't know, I would." 
"Well of course you would, but I'm not you." 
"What are you looking at now?"
"Otters. Why?"
"Can you get me one for a pet?" 
"I'm sorry, but I don't think that I can do that, Kit. They belong to the zoo!"
"Well you could just buy one from them!"
"I don't think that you could, where would you keep it anyway?"
"In my room?"
"What. . . I, I think that I'm going to hang up if you don't mind." 
"Yes, I don't! Bye!" said Kit sweetly. 
"Wait, what?"
But Kit had hung up. 
 I had a great time at the zoo!
 Do you like going to the Zoo?
You can see Chrissa's point of view at

Monday, October 13, 2014

Home Again!

 Hello! Today Victoria just got home from her trip with the Edwards to Hilton Head! Kit and I had a  gymnastics competition that was out of state so we had to fly there. It didn't really make since for Victoria to come because it was only two days. Thankfully, the Edwards' invited her to go with them. 
We got home the very morning and were very excited to hear how her trip was and to tell about ours. 
"Well, how was it?" questioned Kit.
"Oh it was quite lovely! I really do enjoy the beach! How was your trip?" said Victoria sweetly. 
 Honey and Grace looked excited to see her too. 
After talking some more about the trip Kit suddenly asked,"So! What do you want to do now?"  
"We could play dolls." said Victoria in her pretty British ancient.  
"That sounds good to me!" I said happily. 
 I had a very nice time playing American Girl dolls with my two wonderful sisters. 
What do you like doing with your sisters? 
P.S. I really really sorry that we haven't been posting in a while. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Hello! I don't know if you knew this but today is today Frozen comes out on DVD!
Kit and I both really like it! I don't know if you're seen it but we both have really like it!
If you haven't seen it you definitely should!!
Have you seen Frozen?
P.S. This Frozen pic is off!!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Babysitting Anna

 Hi Peeps!!! Last night after dinner, my parents went to a meeting so McKenna and I were left to care for Anna.
 Since it was about her normal bed time we thought that we should put her down for bed.
 "Do you want to go to bed?!?!?!" I asked it an odd voice.
"AAAAAAAAA" Anna screamed.
 "Let's sing to her, it may help." stated McKenna.
"Okay, let's try."
We sang.
 However Anna didn't like hearing Frozen songs. She started crying on the floor. Then,
 did a forward roll.
"Wow!" McKenna proclaimed, "Keep that up and you can be a gymnast like Kit and I!!"
"Do you think it would help if I read her a story?" I asked.
But that didn't work either. 
"Why is it so hard for Anna to even be tired?" I asked my sister.
"I'm not sure... Hey! Look at Anna!"
"I don't believe it! She is asleep!!" I stated, shocked.
 McKenna brought Anna to her room and put her in bed. 
Oh! Do you like McKenna's new outfit?   
Even though it took a little for Anna to go to bed, I enjoyed my time with my sisters!!

Have you ever babysat any of your siblings?

Monday, February 10, 2014

A Discovery

Hi peeps! Today McKenna and I  decided to enjoy the weather and play outside. 
 "What a lovely day! Isn't it McKenna?" I asked my sister while slowly sneaking over to the tree. 
"it is... Hey! Where are you going?!?"
 I got to the top of the tree to find extreme sunlight in my face. Ow!
 I climbed down as quick as I could. When I got lower I jumped off to see McKenna standing there with her hands on her hips, and said, "You always seem to be the first one to climb a tree. Why?" 
 "I don't know! Maybe because I think of things to say first!"
 I decided to go on the monkey-bars. 
McKenna looked at me and stated, "You know I think that it's funny!" 
"Aw, Thanks!"
 We were both laying in the grass when McKenna suddenly sat up and looked across the yard. 
"What is it?" I asked my sister. 
"It's Grace. She seemed to have found something."
 And she had.
 "It looks like something from Egypt or something like that." I said, very excited now!
 McKenna and I sat very close next to either so that we wouldn't miss any bit of this discovery. She reached her hand out and opened it.
"It's empty!" I said, very disappointed.
"Don't feel so sad Kit! Even if there's nothing in here it's still really cool!" McKenna said with a smile. I couldn't pretend that I wasn't happy with what we had found. It was a differently cool!
 I ran around  our backyard.
 And gave McKenna a high-five. 
"What should we use it for?" I asked McKenna hoping for a good idea. 
"I'm not sure."
We both gave Grace a huge hug to say thank you.
I had a very enjoyable afternoon with McKenna and Grace!
Have you every found something buried in your backyard?