Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Day!

Hello! Today is Christmas!!! My family and I are going to go see some of are cousins to celebrate Christmas!
 Samantha and I are wearing Christmas dresses! They're both mine but I let Samantha use it because she didn't have any Christmas dresses that fit. I'm glad that I have the same size as her!!
 Do you like them?
"McKenna, are we leaving soon?"
"Yes, your Dad told us to go to the car."
"Lets go!"
 "Hello everyone!!"
"Hi McKenna."
 "Hello Chrissa!" I called to my cousin. I went and gave her a hug.
 While I went to hug Chrissa, Samantha seated herself next to Liberty (my cousin) "Hello Liberty. How are you?"
"Oh fine!"
 "So, who should open gifts first?" Chrissa asked.
 "What do you think Marie-Grace?" Elizabeth asked.
"Maybe we should do youngest first."
We all agreed to this idea. I like it because that's the way my family did it. I miss Kit and my Mom. I talked to Kit a little but I talked to my Mom for about 30 minutes. Or more. 
I looked over to see that Liberty had started opening her gift.
She put the bow on her head. I thought that Kit would have done the same.
It was Chrissa's turn to open, she smiled for the picture but I could tell that she was excited.
She got a cute home-designed note book.
 "McKenna, you're next!"
I opened a gift from Marie-Grace. A Gymnastics poster! She painted it herself!
"Thank You Marie Grace! It's wonderful!"
"Samantha, I think that it's your turn next. You're 11 right?"
She opened a dress. "I like it. Thank You!" 
I was paying attention to Samantha so I didn't see that Elizabeth had opened a gift. Oops!
"Would you mind opening my gift now?" Elizabeth asked Marie-Grace.
Marie-Grace and Elizabeth together.
Elizabeth had made a scarf, mittens, and a hat. All pink.
Then two girls can in. I felt like I'd seen them somewhere before. Oh! Of course! Sand Hill Adventures! They're Liberty and Marie-Grace's friends! I went to meet them.
"Hello! I'm McKenna! You're Addy right?" 
"Yes, I'm glad to meet you." 
I turned around because I heard: "Oh! Thank You!"
Elizabeth had gotten a 2014 cats calendar! How cute!
Addy opened the next gift.
It was a gold necklace! Very pretty! It looks like something that Addy would wear.
Jubilee opened next, interestingly.
It was a watch.
Then Chrissa got a poster like me! I think that I want to put mine on my wall!
Jubilee ripped more paper to get to the gift from Elizabeth and Chrissa and left the paper on the floor.
She got a letter writing kit. The gift was for Addy too.
It was my turn, I opened a gift from Libby (Liberty), it was for Kit to but I she would see it once she got back.
I started slowly. "Well, it's made in China!"
It was a 2014 beach calendar!! I needed a new one too! "Thank You Libby!"
Samantha opened a gift to find a box. "It's what I've always wanted. A box!!!" Samantha said, laughing.
She got a hat.
She put it on. It looked nice with her dress. (Kind of.)
Addy opened a welcome sign.
Chrissa was next, it was hard to see her behind her gift.
It was a cute stuffed dog! She liked it a lot.
"Look McKenna, there is a gift for Kit."
"I'll just bring it home with me and give it to her then." 
"That works." 
There it was, sitting there waiting for Kit.
I put it with all my stuff.
Elizabeth had opened a flower pot.
The next gift that I opened was from my Nana and Papa. "IT'S FROM AMERICAN GIRL!!!!!!!!!"

I got Emily's p.j.'s! 
"Dear, I tried to get the ones for your dolls but I got onto the cyber Monday sale to late. I hope you don't mind."
"That's OK! Thank You Nana and Papa! I really like them!!" 
Nana smiled.
A almost full view.
"These are so cozy!"
I went to show everyone else my new p.j.'s when I saw a huge gift bag.
I started to pull out the paper. I thought that I should look at the tag to make sure that it was for me.
I saw it, "To McKenna From Nana and Papa" I opened it.
To find a Been-e-boo! I had asked for a big one and I got a owl!!
I think that he's sooooooo cute!!
There was such a big stack of rapping paper and other paper that we could lay in it.
"I don't think that I want to do that." 
"OK, but you're missing out!"
I went in.
Jubilee went in.
But then it was time to go.
Jubilee started to walk away. "Wait!" I yelled.
"Sorry, I just wanted to say that you're coming to Samantha's house with me. Remember?"
"Oh! That's right! We are."
"Lets go!"
I love spending time with family on Christmas but the real meaning for Christmas is to celebrate Jesus Birthday! 
Merry Christmas!!