Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

 Happy Thanksgiving! I was able to spend today with my amazing family. I hope that you all have a wonder thanksgiving!
How do you celebrate Thanksgiving? 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

To the Apple Orchard

Hi peeps! Recently we got to go to an apple orchard! 
Here is a picture of me leaning against a climbing wall. 
"I think that I can climb up this wall faster then you!" I said with a smile to McKenna. 
"Maybe you can but I don't feel like racing you right now." 
"Do I win immediately, then?" 
Just then McKenna ran towards the rock climbing wall and before I could start climbing, McKenna was at the top. 
"Nice job McKenna, you beat me." 
 "Look at these cool pumpkins!" said Victoria.
"Wow they're white! Cool. . ." I said in a weird voice. 
 They had gout's there that when you walked by they tried to stick there heads though the fence. I'm guessing they do this because they want food.
 "Nice job climbing that rope, Kit."
"Thanks you McKenna."
"Do you mean 'thank you'?" Victoria asked. 
"Nope. I mean thanks you."
 And here we have a nice picture of Victoria. Do you like her hair? I though that it would look better if if stood up straight in the air. 
Here's a picture of all three of us together on the hay ride. 
"Have you ever eaten hay with bark from trees before?" I asked sweetly.
"No, have you?" McKenna looking slightly concerned. 
"Only kidding you. I mean Kitting you." 
We saw some interesting things on our hay ride. 
 "Look at that tree!" 
 After a little ride, we got to where we could pick apples! Each of us could get two and right away I found a nice red apple.
And another. 
 And here's a another picture of Victoria that McKenna took. You can see the apple tree thingies behind her. 
On the way back we saw some evergreen trees! 
Have you gone to an Apple Orchard before?