Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

 Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I was hoping to do more then this but I didn't want to when there was so much amazing food! We were eating when we remembered that I should a lest take a picture of my plate. So I did. And that's what the picture is of. My family and Izzy's family had an awesome Thanksgiving! We have so much to be thankful for!
What are you Thankful for?
What did you do you Thanksgiving?

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

An Awesome Afternoon

Today Izzy, Felicity, Kit and I decided to play outside.
 "We-how!" Kit yelled as she slid down the slide.
"Hey Kit, do you want to came and play dolls with us?" I asked.
 "Hoping up down and all around and to New York City!"
"You're so weird!"  Felicity informed Kit. "In a good way of course."
"Izzy, I didn't know that you had Julie! Is she new?" I said, surprised.
 "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" Kit said as she fell over.
 "Yes McKenna, I just got her." 
"She's really cute! Her hair is really fun and so is her outfit!!"
 "I think that she's cute too but not as much as Rebecca!" Felicity proclaimed.
 Then Honey started to biting Rebecca's hair.
 She jumped on to her feet and held Rebecca up in the air so that Honey couldn't reach it.
 Then Honey went over to Kit and Started biting her hair! 
"STOP IT HONEY!" She said loudly.
 She ran away about as fast as she could. 
(Which was pretty fast.)
 Just then, as Grace chased a squirrel, Kit tripped over her and fell. 
"Be careful Kit, Grace is under you're feet!" Izzy yelled.
"You could have told me that a minuet sooner it would have been helpful." Kit said siting up, smiling.
 "Oh no! It looks like it's going to rain!" Izzy said sadly.
True to her prediction, it started to pour rain.
Thankfully our moms let us watch a movie and eat popcorn! There's nothing more awesome then spending time with your friends! 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Blogs that we enjoy

Hello! We wanted to tell you about some of the blogs that we enjoy!
Blog name: The Saltys
How we found out about this Blog: They are our cousins so they told us when they made it.
Blog link:
Blog name: Jlove
How we found out about this blog: Julie is one of Elizabeth and Chrissa's friend so they told us about it.
Blog link:
Blog name: Saige Page
How we found out about this blog: Saige is also Elizabeth and Chrissa's friend
Blog link:
Blog name: Sand Hill Adventures
How we found out about this blog: Libby is Elizabeth and Chrissa's cousin so they told us to check it out.
Blog link:
Blog name: Adventures in Paris
How we found out about this blog: Izzy and Felicity have been our friend since we were 5 so when they made a blog they sent us the link.
Blog link:
Blog name: Simply Dollightful
How we found out about this blog: Chrissa suggested it to us and told us the link
Blog link:
Blog name: Our AG Adventures
How we found out about this Blog: The same way as we did for Simply Dollightful
Blog link:
Blog name: Doll Delight
How we found out about this blog: Chrissa sent us an e-mail about this awesome blog
Blog link:

I hope you enjoy reading blogs as much as we do!
Are there any of these blogs that you follow/like to read?

P.S. Do you have a blog?
Please sent me a link, we would love to see it!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

A nights adventure

"Good-night McKenna!" my mother called as she left my room.
 "Night!" I said, climbing into bed.
 After about 5 minutes I went to sleep.
"Fo-fo le-le no no!" came a voice not far away.
I woke with a start.
 "Who's there?" I called nervously.
Quickly I turned on the light and grabbed  Georgia, my stuffed animal dog. 
"Your coming with me!"
 "Let's go look." I told my dog while I held him tightly.
  I was very surprised to see Kit lying on the floor talking.
 "Kit! Kit wake up!" I said and I tried to wake her up.
 "Kit, please wake up!"
 Did someone say my name?" Kit asked. "Oh it's you McKenna. Why am I lying on the floor in the hallway?"
"You were talking and walking in your sleep." I informed her.
 "'Night Kit!"
"'Night McKenna!"
 We both got into bed and went to sleep.
I went into dream land.
 Kit and Chrissa were both wearing dress and talking at some odd party.
 Then I came in.
"Fello feople!" I said as I walked into the room.
"Mello Zoo-zoo!" They both said because for some strange reason my name was "Zoo-zoo".
 Then all of a sudden we all dropped into splits.
"Did you know that Turkey was invented by the Romans?" Kit told me."It's because they didn't know how to sing in the English language!"
In my dream we did the split for about a hour.
"Do you like my hat?" Chrissa asked me.
"I bought my hat in west east Germany!" Kit yelled.
 Right after Kit finished talking about how awesome her hat was Chrissa a caught me with her "hat" and I tried to run away.
 "No!" I called to Chrissa. But it was to late, Chrissa had caught me. It was the end of long hair because I (some how) knew that she would cut my hair just like Kit's.
 Then this thing appeared right in front of my leg and I couldn't stop soon enough.

I tripped and fell right on my face and started kicking my legs.
 I woke up a minuet latter kicking in my bed.
 "It was just a dream!" I said loudly. "It was just a dream."
Have you had a extremely odd dream before?
Or had your sister walk/talk while she sleeping before?
That was definitely had a night's adventure!