Monday, October 14, 2013

The Beautiful outdoors

Hi! Today Kit and I got to play in the backyard together! It a started  when Kit got home from soccer.
"Hey," Kit said lazily, flopping on to the sofa. "I'm home!"
"Hello Kit!" I said. "Would you like to go in the backyard with me?" I added hopefully.
"Well, I guess we haven't played outside together for a long time..."  Kit thoughtfully. "I think that it sounds fun!"
"Yea!" I said happily.
"Well, what are we waiting for?" Kit asked.
"Let's go!" I said as we both ran out the back door.

 Right when we got out side Kit ran to the tree and started climbing it.
  But quickly hopped off and said... "You're it!"tagging my back and running away.

"Catch me if you can!!" she shouted.
"I will!" I yelled back.
Then she went up the tree again and I was right behind her. "I'll catch you!" I called after her.
"Maybe you will! But I'll be the first to the fence!" And she jumped off and so did I.
"Do you want to just lie in the grass and talk?" I gasped as I tried to catch my breath.
 "I guess so as long as we say that I won." Kit said with a very strait face.
"Alright" I said laughing.
"McKenna, how is black like red? Because no one every told me." she said looking up at sky.
"Kit, I don't really know, I mean they're both colors.I guess." I said surprised by my sisters question.
After a long nice talk with Kit, she and I got up to go in for dinner. Then I noticed that Kit's hair looked kind of funny, so I asked... "Kit? Does my hair look funny?" 
"Just like mine" she said smiling.
As we walked toward the house I though how blessed I am to have a sister. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Welcome to our new blog!

Hello! I'm McKenna Brooks! I just turned 10 years old, and I love doing gymnastics. I think you might have heard of Kit and I on our cousins blog, The Saltys. Since we moved east Orlando, we had to wait  to start our blog. Now that we're all moved in, Mom said that we could start blogging. I have two sisters, Kit and Anna. I'm the oldest, then Kit and after her our baby sister, Anna.
 This is me! (McKenna)
 This is Kit. Age: 9. (She does about every sport you could think of.)
This is Anna    Age: 3 mouths. (Isn't she cute?) 

P.S. We have one more sister but she didn't want to be shown on our blog.
We're trying to convince her otherwise.