Monday, January 20, 2014

Cousins and Videos

Hi peeps! I didn't realize that Elizabeth and Chrissa were here until I saw there blog post! Like we're both in the same place and didn't even realize it! I called them and it worked out that we could go over!
"Hey, Chrissa! I haven't seen you in a long time!!!" I said as I hugged my cousin.
"So? What do you want to do?" I asked, very excited.
"Maybe we could make videos!!! Like with us!!"
"TOTALLY AWESOME IDEA!!!!! What an awesome brainwave!!!!!"  
"Well? What are we waiting for? Let's start filming!!!" she said running to go get her camera. (By the way, we sound very VERY different on these videos. Another thing, it isn't on here because I (and Chrissa) couldn't find out how to put it on the blog, if you know how, please leave a comment telling how.)
"Hey Kit and Chrissa! Do you want to go to the pool with Elizabeth and I?"
 "Sure! Uh. do you, Kit?"
So we all went to the pool.

McKenna just relaxed.
I wasted no time to jump into the pool! "Come on Chrissa! The water is awesome!"
Chrissa hopped in and we had a "who can get to the other side of the pool first" contest.
"I won!" we both said at the same time.
Elizabeth and McKenna swam latter to and we had a very enjoyable time!
Do you like to go swimming?

P.S.  we did this like days ago but couldn't post it until now :(

Sunday, January 12, 2014

At Daytona Beach

Hi peeps! Guess what? We're in Daytona Beach staying at Wave Plus Resort! We came to Daytona for a family trip, you know since McKenna, Anna and my Dad were in NE and my Mom and I were at the soccer game and with other family, and we wanted some more time together! And, I don't have any school this week!! 
 This is a picture of McKenna and I on the porch at our Resort.
"It's kind of cold out here." I commented.
"Not to me." said McKenna.
 Here I am! Being Kit-doodles! Like always!
 I think that the ocean is so pretty....
"Isn't the ocean so pretty?" McKenna said looking off into the distance.
"That is exactly what I was thinking!" I said. "Like really!"
 "Don't I look lovely next to the beach?" I said just wanting to see what McKenna would do.
 "Uh, yea!" McKenna said awkwardly. "Hey, I'm getting kind of cold, can we go inside?"
 "What should we do now?" I asked, board.
"How about we do some gymnastics?! We have enough room!"
 McKenna about to do a front handspring.
 and another.
 Oh! Also, we have to wear shoes all the time because the floor is so dirty.
 "It's my turn!" I stated a loud.
"Can I take some pictures of you first? I just had a cool idea for some pics...."
"Sure... anything."
 Oh! Do you like my hair?
 Here I am, you looking down at me.
 Now I'm a giant! HA-HA-HA!
"OK! You've gotten your pictures, my turn for gymnastics!"
 "Cool flip Kit!"
"Thanks! Hey... can we have a handstand who-can-hold-it-the-longest contest?"
"OK! That sounds fun!"
 We both went up at the same time,
 not much latter we bumped into each other and fell over, laughing.
 We had a yummy but not healthy dinner of COCOA KRISPIES. Yum!
I'm so glad that I have a sister like McKenna! She's awesome!
Do you have any sister that you like to spend time with?

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Home Sweet Home!

Hi peeps! As you can see above, we're home! I'm home too! I had an awesome time at that soccer game! And with family! I did miss posting! I'm sooooo glad to be home!! I can't believe that it's been three weeks! 
I can't wait to have more adventures!!