Monday, December 2, 2013

Innerstar U Gymnastics

Hello! Today Chrissa and I had an amazing chance. For what you may ask? Well, the Innerstar U Gymnastics team!They have decided  to let people who aren't a part of it to join  their team! I've been looking forward to this for a REALLY long time. Ever since I found out about it I couldn't wait! When you try out for the team you get to do it in the Innerstar gymnastics outfit, which is awesome because the outfit is awesome!
This is a picture of Kit, Me, Chrissa and Elizabeth standing outside the Innerstar U gymnastics building.
 I walked into that building so excited and so so nervous! I knew that I would be very sad if I didn't make the team,but I would have to try my best!
Once we got in the building, we found out the sad news that taking pictures isn't aloud. So that's why there are no pictures of me/Chrissa doing gymnastics.
After a few people had gone, I heard it : "McKenna Brooks from Orlando Metro Gymnastics!"
I went on to that floor mat and did my awesome routine that my coach had helped me come-up with. I did pretty well! I thought that I had the footing wrong at the end but I looked down to see that I did it right and my feet were lined up perfectly!
Then came Vault, I forgot one turn,but I landed right at least!
After that was beam, one of my favorites! Well I also like Floor and Bar and Vault! I like them all! I did the beam with no problems! I liked the beams that they had there they were just made me comfortable! 
Then us my real favorite, Uneven Bars! I think that it's what I'm best at. Chrissa also did totally awesome!! After I finished my Bar routine I went to go talk to Chrissa. "You did soooooooooooooooooo awesome! I definitely think you got a spot on the team!" 
"Thanks! But I didn't quite land right on floor..." Chrissa said looking hopeful.
"I don't think that it will matter very much because I was very close to you and I didn't see you do anything wrong!" 
She was about to reply when the important person who was about to announce the winners. 
"Katie Smith from Innerstar U!" She called and a girl from the back came forward and took the certificate as the lady put on the metal. 
"Chrissa Edwards from Captain Gymnastics!" I was so happy to hear that Chrissa made the team! She was infarct so happy that she  screamed and hugged me before going up to the stage. 
"Amanda Davis from Innerstar U!" A black-haired girl joined Chrissa and Katie.
"McKenna Brooks!" I screamed with joy! I made the Innerstar U team! Like I always wanted to! As I walked up to the stage, so so so happy!
Right when we got back outside my lovely Mother wanted to take loads of pictures, so she did. I was sooooooo happy to make the team and that Chrissa did too! I will be going to Innerstar U a lot now because I will need to practice gymnastics!!
I still can't believe that I made the Innerstar U team! 
 And, I will be able to see Chrissa a lot because we will see either at practice! 
After take a lot of pictures, we left and ate dinner out at McDonald's drive-threw because I was really hungry.  
  Oh! Also, my Mom bought me an Innerstar U shirt! I can't wait to wear it! 
When I was doing gymnastics, I had a lot of energy. But once I got home I put on my p.j.'s and went to sleep for a little bit. 
I'm so glad that I made the Innerstar U Gymnastics Competitive Team!
What a dream come true!

P.S. To see Chrissa's side of the story, click on link below


  1. That day was awesome! Thanks for linking to our blog, by the way.

  2. Sweet!
    I am a gymnast too!