Monday, October 13, 2014

Home Again!

 Hello! Today Victoria just got home from her trip with the Edwards to Hilton Head! Kit and I had a  gymnastics competition that was out of state so we had to fly there. It didn't really make since for Victoria to come because it was only two days. Thankfully, the Edwards' invited her to go with them. 
We got home the very morning and were very excited to hear how her trip was and to tell about ours. 
"Well, how was it?" questioned Kit.
"Oh it was quite lovely! I really do enjoy the beach! How was your trip?" said Victoria sweetly. 
 Honey and Grace looked excited to see her too. 
After talking some more about the trip Kit suddenly asked,"So! What do you want to do now?"  
"We could play dolls." said Victoria in her pretty British ancient.  
"That sounds good to me!" I said happily. 
 I had a very nice time playing American Girl dolls with my two wonderful sisters. 
What do you like doing with your sisters? 
P.S. I really really sorry that we haven't been posting in a while. 

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  1. Personally, I love to just talk with my two older sisters. While sitting under cozy blankets and eating strawberries, of course.