Monday, February 10, 2014

A Discovery

Hi peeps! Today McKenna and I  decided to enjoy the weather and play outside. 
 "What a lovely day! Isn't it McKenna?" I asked my sister while slowly sneaking over to the tree. 
"it is... Hey! Where are you going?!?"
 I got to the top of the tree to find extreme sunlight in my face. Ow!
 I climbed down as quick as I could. When I got lower I jumped off to see McKenna standing there with her hands on her hips, and said, "You always seem to be the first one to climb a tree. Why?" 
 "I don't know! Maybe because I think of things to say first!"
 I decided to go on the monkey-bars. 
McKenna looked at me and stated, "You know I think that it's funny!" 
"Aw, Thanks!"
 We were both laying in the grass when McKenna suddenly sat up and looked across the yard. 
"What is it?" I asked my sister. 
"It's Grace. She seemed to have found something."
 And she had.
 "It looks like something from Egypt or something like that." I said, very excited now!
 McKenna and I sat very close next to either so that we wouldn't miss any bit of this discovery. She reached her hand out and opened it.
"It's empty!" I said, very disappointed.
"Don't feel so sad Kit! Even if there's nothing in here it's still really cool!" McKenna said with a smile. I couldn't pretend that I wasn't happy with what we had found. It was a differently cool!
 I ran around  our backyard.
 And gave McKenna a high-five. 
"What should we use it for?" I asked McKenna hoping for a good idea. 
"I'm not sure."
We both gave Grace a huge hug to say thank you.
I had a very enjoyable afternoon with McKenna and Grace!
Have you every found something buried in your backyard?

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